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Thailand Vehicle transfer of ownership Service

About Us

why clients choose our document services

What is the easiest way to transfer vehicle ownership in Thailand?

We provide you with a transfer service. Once you hire us for such a service, we can help you with the documents and also the land transport office. That way, whether you need to pay the registration renewal or the road tax, we will guide you throughout the process.


Extensive experience:

We have been doing this for years. That is why; the entire process will be seamless for you when you hire us.

Knowledge of local rules and regulations:

We have extensive knowledge of local rules and regulations. Therefore, we follow all the due processes to transfer the vehicle in your name. This ensures that there are no glitches and you will not have to visit the land transport office again and again.


Since all the documents will be in order, the process will be over pretty quickly. Due to the same, it makes perfect sense to hire us.

What We Do

Thus, if you're looking for an easy way to

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What We Do

We take care of all documents and registration needs for Vehicles in Thailand

Our services include:

  • Transfer of registration from seller to buyer

  • Change of address

  • Compulsory government tax and insurance

  • Comprehensive insurance cover

  • Alterative personal number plates

  • Preparation of export paperwork

  • Registration of imported vehicles



  • Preparation of export paperwork

  • Registration of imported vehicles

  • Transfer from diplomatic plates

  • Driving licenses


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Thai motorbike & car service takes care of all car and motorcycle documents needs in Thailand. We handle everything for you, transfer of ownership, vehicle registration, tax renewal, import, and configuration changes. 

We help foreingers in thailand with their motor needs

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